It is crucial for BWSC to attract and retain the best talents – STRATEGOS assists BWSC in doing so

Claus Berner, HR director, BWSC:

“STRATEGOS was asked to facilitate an action learning course with the purpose of generating personal insights and improving the participant’s ability to translate strategic challenges into an action plan.

Following the course, we could conclude that the participants had been challenged and left the course with a more reflective and holistic approach to strategic initiatives and that the strong team dynamic had improved the cross functional understanding.

As a result, we have asked STRATEGOS to train the next team of “Two-year training program” talents.”

The Challenge – Attract and retain a limited number of relevant candidates

BWSC’s markets are ever changing. Therefore, BWSC must continuously find ways to renew its value proposition.

At the same time, there is a limited number of relevant candidates with qualifications and experience that match BWSC’s line of business. It is therefore crucial for BWSC to attract and retain the best talents. One of the initiatives to accommodate this is a “Two-year training program” for selected BWSC talents.

The Assignment – Improve the ability to contribute to the BWSC strategic development

STRATEGOS facilitated a training program where the group of talents worked strategically – as a team – to develop a convincing action plan on a topic of strategic importance based on own choice.

The participants improved their ability to contribute to the strategic development of BWSC. The talents were trained in a systematic framework on how to both make a qualitative decision regarding an important strategic assignment and speed up the following execution. There were 5 steps in the training:

1) What are my individual strengths and blind spots when working with strategy?

2) What could be a compelling strategic issue?

3) Training in a research-based framework in deciding and executing an action plan

4) Presentation for management group

5) Execution of activities

The Result – An actionplan integrating Execution from start

An action plan aligned to BWSC overall strategy was presented for management focusing on an actual strategic challenge for BWSC.

An intuitive research-based strategic framework was developed for BWSC: Besides the traditional themes in an actionplan, the strategic framework created an actionplan answering central questions as: How to motivate in the long term? How to secure that the group thinks holistically? How to engage all the important stakeholders? How to think execution when making the difficult decisions? How to be aware of my personal biases? How to prioritize and agree on goals? How to secure a cadence of progress? Etc.

Faster execution through key stakeholders was established while developing the action plan. Mobilizing these stakeholders has created more dialogue and a better cross-functional understanding, to the benefit of future strategic initiatives.

Each talent was trained in different roles when working with a strategic challenge. Each talent’s personal strengths and blind spots thereby became a reference point to ensure that the action plan was less biased.

“Think more like a manager” was a central skill executing strategic issues. The talents were pushed out of their comfort zone, and are now more prepared to work with strategic initiatives.

About BWSC

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